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Information for parents:

Young people thrive in safe surroundings. We’re committed to ensuring that Scouting is both enjoyable and safe for everyone who takes part, along with providing parents with peace of mind.

Appointing those who work with young people

All volunteers who help to run our activities give their time freely to help young people enjoy Scouting.

Leaders are interviewed locally and asked to provide references. Everyone working with young people in Scouting is asked to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check , previously known as a CRB Check or sometimes known as a ‘police check’.

Code of behaviour

We have a clear code of behaviour which is given to all adults working in Scouting, regardless of their role. This is also included in the training that leaders receive and offers advice about how young people should be treated. We expect everyone to follow it.

If you volunteer to help out with an activity, you’ll be given one too, and if you would like to see a copy of the code of behaviour for adults, just ask any of your child’s leaders or visit the safeguarding area of The Scouts Association’s website.


We expect all leaders to take courses in basic first aid and child protection. Special training is provided for those taking young people away on residential events like camps and sleepovers.

Outings and camps

All leaders taking young people on outings or camps will give you notice in writing, ask for your permission and provide you with a method of contacting the group while they are away.

We will never ask to take individual young people away on their own or without another adult being present.

What to do if you have concerns

If you are unhappy with anything relating to your child’s time in Scouting you should raise it with your child’s leaders. After that you could speak with the District Commissioner, Neil Corfield. If you would rather speak to someone else, please contact the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818.

The Scout Association also has a complaints procedure


For more information view our Safe and Sound leaflet for parents.


Information for leaders:

Safeguarding Awareness

There are various dates on the calendar across the County for safeguarding training for leaders.  This is essential to complete to enable a leader to renew their appointment at the 5year review.

We are also able to talk to all sections, delivering CEOP ‘Thinkuknow’ internet safety presentations which are age appropriate when time allows. Please ask for further information.

To contact our local co-ordinator, Linda Buckland, use the email


You can find our infamous yellow card by clicking   Young People First Yellow Card

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