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Nights Away Permit (NAP)

Want to go for a permit?

There are resource pages (now on-line rather than PDF Docs) that help you (click here) as well as the below publication that can be bought from the District Shop.

NA book

An adults’ guide to camping, holidays, expeditions and sleepovers

Nights Away is a print publication containing everything you need to know for enjoying the outdoors and taking young people away safely and with confidence. Aimed at all adults in Scouting, it provides advice on the best equipment to take, ways of preparing your staff and how to make the most of your time away.

Illustrated in full colour throughout, and with its own smart binder, Nights Away is the definitive guide to camping and the outdoors.


So you have decided to go for a permit – what next?

First thing is to look through the information pages to get a clear understanding of what you need to do available by clicking here. Your GSL, DESC or another Scouter will direct you towards one of our District Nights Away Advisers. Next contact one of the Nights Away Advisers (Don or Jim). Don and Jim can then discuss the time-frames of your preparation and the assessment that will take place. Please ensure that you give plenty of time to apply before you start the process of planning your event.

You need to keep in mind you will also need to have an existing permit holder to cover your Nights Away Event when you are assessed. So arranging when you can be practically assessed, have a permit holder and either Don or Jim available to assess you will take some forward planning. Be prepared and start it early is Don and Jim’s top advice. Talk to Don or Jim at each stage and check how you will meet each part of the Assessment Check-list (can download clicking AC120990 (2) (latest version Jan 2015)).

Check the County or National website for Training courses including Module 16 and Module 38 – 2015 Devon County Training Events.

Lastly do not forget to send in your application form to actually apply. Make sure you apply to Don and Jim using the application form (Application-Form-Jan15) and especially if your first permit include all your relevant camps – there is an extension sheet for this (na_app2).

I already have a permit and want to go for a new permit?

There are resource pages that help you (click here). If you are going for the same level, sometimes the Nights Away Advisers and District Commissioner may not need to see all practical aspects. However, it is always best to check and apply for a permit (same process as a first time application) and talk with Don or Jim as what you need to do, as it all depends on your recent experiences. The Assessment Checklist(AC120990 (2)) still stands and your supporting evidence will be needed. It is best to be assessed whilst your permit is valid, as if it has run out you will need to ensure you have a permit holder present.

If you are going for a higher level permit e.g. indoor to campsite, or campsite to greenfield, your practical assessment will still be needed, and you will need to ensure you have arranged a permit holder at the appropriate level.

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